pass the teapot.
It was my friend Megan's birthday recently and as chief baker amongst my friends I took it upon myself to create her a birthday cake feast to end all feasts. As a ceoliac, Meg follows a strict gluten-free diet and so often misses out on any cakey opportunities. So what to make the girl who can't eat cake? Three cakes, all completely gluten-free. On the birthday menu was a carrot cake, a toffee and honeycomb cheesecake and a handful of peanut butter brownies. And not a trace of flour throughout.  
The piece de resistance was this toffee and honeycomb cheesecake. I followed a 'normal' recipe, swapping the digestive biscuits for the gluten-free biscuits you can now buy in most supermarkets, and used cornflour in place of the few spoonfuls of flour it called for. The recipe used Daim bars, which I looked far and wide for (up my street and back) to no avail. Where have they gone? Are they only available in Ikea these days? But alas, I used crushed Crunchie bars instead. Inside was a hidden layer of toffee and dark chocolate sauce, which I failed to get a photo of as it was hoovered up so quickly. 

Thoroughly recommended by coeliacs and gluten-lovers alike. Click on the photo for the recipe.

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